sexta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2010

EFY 2002 - Stand in Holy Places

Stand in Holy Places

In a sea shifting values
Tossed on every wave
While the winds wail around me
I will not be afraid
To call out for my captain
To calm the waves in me
When I stand a little taller
Its only then I finally see

I stand in holy places
Protected from the storm
Anchored safe in harbor
Tough my sails are ripped and worn
I stand in holy places
And I will not move
Until the Lord has come
And says Well done
He is the hope I hold on to
In holy places

There is a harbor in His holy house
An anchor in His grace
That steadies in the waves of doubt
And in every holy places
No matter where I travel
His spirits guiding me
With the Lord as my captain
There is a peaceful port in me

Repeat Chorus:

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